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Global Concepts/Gold Crown Resort Terms And Conditions

Immediately upon receipt of the Applicant(s) registration details by Gold Crown Resort, full service will commence. Please be advised that it can take up to 14 days to process your registration. Members will be advised by e-mail of their information which will include the Membership number, password details and reservation instructions. No quotations can be provided nor will any booking requests be accepted by Gold Crown Resort until the Member is fully registered. During the registration process the applicant will receive a series of tutorials and full customer service support and assistance.

Resort Accommodation: Gold Crown Resort is responsible for the provision of self-catering accommodation which will be at the high standard as described in the Member's Guide. All reservation requests are subject to space being available and may be requested under any one of the booking features listed below. Please note: Providers set specific check-in dates which traditionally fall on the weekends.

Endless Holidays: Accommodation located in this section is unit size and date specific prices range from $350.00 USD to $550.00 USD for a (7) night (8) day stay. Studios usually sleep 2-4 persons, one bedroom units will sleep 2-4 persons and our two bedroom offerings sleep 4-6 persons. Please note that unit occupancy is strictly enforced by the resort. For all other terms of use please refer to our terms & conditions.

Registry of Resorts: The listings posted on our website accurately depict the unit sizes currently available under contract. Accommodation is for a continuous stay of (7) nights at a maximum cost of $699.00 per week. Multiple weeks can be requested by simply selecting your preferred length of holiday from the handy drop down box on the request form. Please note that Member to Member postings and Specials are not subject to our Registry Pricing bands and can reach a maximum of $799.

Specialty Holidays: This feature includes (but is not limited to) mini-vacations, private villa rental, cruises, all inclusive accommodation. Accommodation size is unit size and date specific. For all other terms of use, refer to the Member's Guide. Prices will be advised and will be shown at the best available rate at the time of booking.

Hot Weeks: Resort accommodations are also available through 'Hot Weeks' featured on the Gold Crown Resort website. Prices and booking details are as published on the website. Accommodations are for seven (7) consecutive nights unless otherwise specified. This is date specific inventory made available between a low of USD $298 to a maximum of USD $398.

Hotel Accommodation: Members may request hotel accommodation which will be predominantly in four (4) or five (5) star properties. Members may request hotels outside of these ratings. Gold Crown Resort will access hotels worldwide through the Members internet site link at preferential pricing.

Airfares, insurances and ground transportation may also be arranged at the Member's request. All quotations for these are available on bookings in our Travel Section.

Once you are in receipt of your Membership details all reservations requests must be made by using the Gold Crown Resort on-line Reservation service, www.goldcrownresort.com, or by fax to (USA) 407 977 2720.

Members can book guest accommodations for friends and family without date restrictions. Bookings will be from Instant Bookings link. In order to ensure that our REGISTERED Members have un-restricted access to all PEAK inventory and locations as well as our un-divided attention to their holiday needs GUESTS cannot request accommodations from the regular areas of our website. Guest Usage refers to unit occupancy by family or friends anytime a second unit is booked.

Should you wish to transfer your Membership, a request must be sent to Gold Crown Resort in writing (via e-mail

or fax) containing the current and the proposed Members details. All transfers are subject to an administration fee of US$75.00

All additional bonus offers are provided to you as a gift by GLOBAL CONCEPTS and are bound by the terms and conditions of the respective promoters as detailed thereon. Please be advised that any promotional holiday is the sole responsibility of the respective promoters.

I/We understand that the Total Membership Fee shown in section 3 Payment Terms overleaf must be paid on or by the due date shown under the terms specified. No change to the Terms and Conditions of purchase of Membership shall be valid once this document has been signed by the Applicant(s) referred to in section 1 overleaf without the prior written approval of GLOBAL CONCEPTS In purchasing Membership to Gold Crown Resort you understand that you have purchased an exclusive holiday program as described in the Member's Guide, and that, with the exception of any additional bonus offered by GLOBAL CONCEPTS referred to in paragraph 8 above, all services to be provided under this Membership Agreement will be provided directly by Gold Crown Resort and any claims with respect to such services must be addressed directly to Gold Crown Resort. This Membership Agreement does not constitute the purchase of property, multi-ownership, vacation ownership, timeshare or any other product whatsoever.

The construction, validity and performance of this agreement will be governed by the laws of the registered locale of the Affiliate and will be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the applicable courts Please note that each membership is for one family only, residing at the same address. A family constitutes husband & wife (or significant other) and children living at home, under the age of 19 years. Multiple families will require their own registration I/We understand that Gold Crown Resort allocated weeks cannot be "traded" or "sold" for Cash or future travel credits.

I/we have carefully read and fully understand all the Terms and Conditions of Membership detailed within this document and agree to be bound by them. I/we confirm my/our desire to become a Member with Gold Crown Resort today and hereby add my/our signatures to this document of my/our own free will and free from any duress.